Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day 188
March 9, 2008

I got to start the day with's Senior Portrait time!!
High School Senior

Then, since I was set was time to do Alex's St. Patrick's Day photos!
What a ham....
Lucky & Charming... He's such a model...
'His How YOU doin'??

So, then Alex says that Daddy has to have his photos done too....obviously NOT happy about that, (because he's like me, a photographer who is supposed to be behind the camera) Daddy asks why?
"Because you're my Daddy and I love you!"
How do you argue with that?!?!?!

As it works out, I just happened to throw on a green shirt this PHOTO!!!
Ain't we cute? :-)
Family Photo

And of course, then I called the dog over...she was THRILLED!!! (she loves to pose, it's the only time she gets treats!! :-))

Alex & Charlie

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