Thursday, October 2, 2008

Frogs & Feathers

Happy Birthday to the Five Fat Frogs!!!
We got them as little tadpoles last year about this time :-)
I've finally gotten everyone figured out..."Sam" is apparently short for Samantha, because "he" is a SHE!
Also have two females and two males in the big tank...they're getting a birthday present this week..a new, BIG tank!! Yay!
Birthday Frog

Happy Birthday!

Birthday Cuddle

Big Boy!

and here are a few of Yoda hanging out in the classroom.
Such attitude!!
What do you WANT?

Close up

Excuse me while I clean up a little... LOL
Excuse me

Oh, and here's one of Zangoose the Crayfish (one of my super creative students named him :-))
Zangoose the Crayfish

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