Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Home

Well, the five fat frogs finally got their new home! It came this week, and I thought the kids in my class were going to go bonkers! They were so excited!
We got it all set up on Friday, so I thought I'd share a couple shots with you :-)

This is their old home...there were 4 fat frogs in this tank. Sam (the biggest) lived in her own small tank beside them...she's been in solitary since she ate her friend one weekend about a year ago! LOL
Old home

Three swimmy frogs
Three Swimmy Frogs

And, here is their new place!!
10 gallons of swimming euphoria....
Don't they look happy?
I've tried three times to fill it all the way up with water, and it leaks on the right side at the tube...I think I'm going to caulk it with clear bathroom caulk on Monday :-)
New home

Sam is so happy!
She's finally close enough to the same size to live with the others!!
I was upset that I couldn't get a clear shot of her face here, but then thought this looked pretty cool!

Happy Sam

OK....what the HECK?!?!?!
They were in the tank for a very short time when someone got hungry!
See the two frogs to the left?
Yes, the top frog's ENTIRE leg is in his friend's mouth. No fear, when I tapped on the tank, mean frog let go and noone was harmed in the long run.
And no, it's not because they didn't know eachother, they've been together since they were tadpoles! LOL
What the heck?

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