Sunday, October 12, 2008

Precious Time

Precious time with my best friend...she happened to call when I was in St. Augustine yesterday, and I convinced her to meet me at the park.
We live about an hour apart, and with kids and family time and super busy schedules, we don't see each other nearly enough. We had such a fun time hanging out. At the park, shopping, super fancy dinner at Target (seriously, have you had thier chicken strips? I've heard they're the best around!!).

While at the park I snapped some photos of the kiddos...Soph doesn't get many professional photos of Zach done because of his sensory issues.
Here is little man...I LOVE this photo!

Keep them in your prayers please. They have meetings and appointments tomorrow, Monday Oct 13th to find out about getting a feeding tube for Zach. You can learn more here

Ok...more photos :-)
Z smiling at sister

What is he looking at??
Well, his silly sister of course!!

The Kids

I love it when I get shots like this....with these two, it's so easy...they adore eachother!!

Big kids on the carousel
Alex paid...does that make it their first official date??
Z on the carousel

Alex on the Carousel

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Sophie said...

Stop making me CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the amazing day and GREAT pics of the kids!!