Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alex's Fall Portraits

I got the chance to do some fall portraits of Alex at a recent family session, and I LOVE how they turned out.
Thought it was time I shared my little's been a while :-)
Mini-Me....a photographer on a mission

So cute!

He thinks he looks like Indiana Jones in this outfit...I guess the jacket does a little...hmm..he needs a real hat and a brown bag instead of red! LOL
Indiana Jones

So Handsome

Playing with Power


On the fence

Love this!

By the Haybales

Cool log

And while on the subject of my little man...I finally got around to downloading his camera....
This is his shot and my huh?
His Shot-My Shot

A shot he took of me handfeeding Yaddle
Photos by Alex

He's pretty good, but we have to work on zoom...these photos show his original shot, and the cropped version.
Photos by Alex

Photos by Alex

And this one just cracked me up...Peek-A-Boo!!
Photos by Alex

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ErIn said...

I love the pics of Alex on the fence! Such a handsome little man!