Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dodie's Birds Of Paradise

A few cuties from Dodie's Birds Of Paradise....
For you parrot owners out there, we're having a holiday parrot portrait event at Dodie's store in St. Augustine on December Dodie or myself (or email) for more information :-)

Well, Hello There!

I'm watching you..

What a model..she danced for me, fluffed up, and acted like a nut...she followed me everywhere I went so she could get more photos. Finally, she had to be put in a cage....but she broke out and showed up at my feet a short time later! What a ham!
Peaches 1

Peaches 2

Peaches 3 should hear the burgler alarm this guy does...amazing! LOL

This is what the birds see...and they see it all the time, unless he's in their cages with them of course. Only at Dodie's can cat and bird live in such harmony!!
What the birds see

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