Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rabbit Fall Portraits

Oh my goodness...these bunnies are just the sweetest little did I get so lucky to have such awesome, sweet pets?!?!?!
Here are some photos of Fall Fun with the bunnies.

My new favorite bunny photo...I mean seriously, how can you resist that little face?
Peeking Rabbit


Oops, giving away my secrets...yeah...I'm not below bribery :-)
(That's Alex's hand by the way, she's big, but not that big! LOL)
Yummy Grapes!

Toffee's Fall Portrait

Toffee's Fall Portrait

Toffee's Fall Portrait

And how cute is Oreo!
She has these orange-y brown areas on her fur, but is as healthy as can be! I think it's from where she lays against the sides of the cage and her fur sticks out for the sun to bleach it!
Oreo's Fall Portrait

Oreo's Fall Portrait

Clean Rabbit

Oreo's Fall Portrait

Silly Rabbit!


bpayne said...

I love them! That first one is so cute! I love how you take pictures of all the furry and feathery creatures.

Jen said...

I love the coloration of the bunnies! You made me laugh out loud with that hand/big comment. heh. :)