Saturday, November 15, 2008

Visiting Santa

We made our annual trek to see Santa recently.
The kids had a BLAST!!

This is Alex with my best friend's kids...
The Kids

Alex at the Mall

Zach & Zoe saw Santa first. We didn't know how Zach would do visiting Santa....this boy is always full of surprises though, and he LOVED Santa this year!
Zach with Santa

Zoe with Santa

Zoe & Santa

Alex was so excited for his turn with Santa!
Alex & Santa

Serious Discussion


Jen said...

Omgosh that one with Zach and Santa is amazing - you have to send that one in somewhere!

ErIn said...

I love them all! Where did you go see him at?!

Sophie said...

Wasn't that a GREAT day?!?!?! Momma and Aunt Kori in tears LOL and none from the kid ;-)
Can't wait until next year!!!!!!

Jill said...

OK... I just have to say it. It is way to early to be seeing Santa! Maybe it's because my boys' birthdays are at the end of the yea, but I can't even think about Santa until after Dec. 5 :-)

Jill said...

p.s. Great pictures and beautiful kids!