Saturday, January 3, 2009


My little shadow...
This is what I saw when returning from taking the trash to the road. Charlie is my little shadow, always making sure she knows where I am. She looked so cute peeking out of the door. She wanted to come out so badly, but knows that she can't exit the front door without permission.What a sweet gal.
Little Shadow

Obi's New Tank
And he's one spoiled turtle :-)When Santa brought Obi, he also brough a 20 gallon aquarium, filter, and floating landing.Here, Obi is hanging out under his floating, he's not stuck :-)
Obi's new tank

Obi is the tiny brown thing in front of the green filter.
Alex & the tank

Cleaned up the office to give Alex a little more space of his own...his own corner of the office for his "library"
Alex's reading corner

Star Wars Fan
Everything is still Star Wars...he's still a huge fan...and is starting to read them all on his own (with help on the big words :-))
Star Wars Fan

Charlie likes the area too...especially the chair :-)
In a chair


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