Sunday, July 19, 2009

South Carolina Trip

Volume 1

This past week, Alex and I travelled to South Carolina with my Mom and Grandma. We went to visit my Aunt, and had an awesome time.
South Carolina is such a beautiful place, and I was inspired to pick up my camera and start shooting more!
Enjoy these first shots. I have plenty more to share soon! :-)

Sasha the Persian relaxing in the window

Piper the Scotty

A beautiful corner in my aunt's home

Larry the Rooster
Larry the Rooster

Larry the Rooster 2

He loved to be around people. If we were in the yard, the rooster was hanging out near us.
Alex & the Rooster

Mom's New Kitten
This little handsome fella has quite a story. He is one of 11 stray/feral cats my aunt caught living under her house. Two momma cats, and 9 babies. This handsome little guy was the very last to be caught, and the ONLY male in the group. Unfortunately, only two of the other kittens were able to be rehomed. The rest had to be taken to the local animal shelter. When this little guy's momma was caught...the second to last to be caught, my Aunt promised that beautiful spittfire that she would find a good home for her one and only son.
When she finally gained his trust, and caught him, she immediately took him to the bathroom and bathed him three times to get him clean and flea free. He took it, didn't bite, didn't scratch, or even put up a fit.
He's a sweetie..and now, he will live forever in the lap of luxury at my mom's house.
Introducing "Cooper"
Mom's new kitten


We went over to a farm owned by a friend of my Aunt. The ducks came running when she called them.
So cute!
Ducks by the pond

Time for a snack

Dinner time!


Ducks on the pond

Ducks on the pond

And IN the pond.....look at this huge catfish!!

Alex had a run in with some fire ants. A little wading in a mud puddle fixed it :-)
Playing in a mud puddle

A beautiful flower in the pond

And a crazy, big grasshopper

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April said...

As a native southerner(for GA) I adored this set of photographs! I am glad ya'll had a great time!