Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boy & his Dog

Snapped a few cuties of my cuties the other day. Sorry for the christmas was a cold night. Sometimes, you go for warmth! LOL

This was actually during a shoot with a client....the client went to change clothes, and I finally gave in and snapped this pic of Charlie so she could get her treat...she'd been trying to get her photo taken since I'd started setting the studio up. LOL
Miss Fluffy

I was trying to get them to sit together, and she sat right in front of him. I think it was totally intentional...
"I'm the 1st baby and you should be in the back"
1st baby

She does love him though...
She does love him

But, she doesn't really think he's funny...
"He's so not funny"

Finally, a cute one :-)
A boy and his dog

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Jen said...

That first one of Charlie is beautiful. Very cool shot.